Tempus Ren is the name of a large planet that was founded and nurtured by a goddess known as the Guardian.

What is Tempus Ren?

A Rich World

Tempus Ren is the name of a large planet with two moons, that was founded and nurtured by a goddess known as the Guardian. The Guardian was an adventurer and hero from another plane of existence who challenged the gods of her birth realm and eventually grasped the powers of the cosmos to create her own world. She, with the support and guidance of the Creator God, chose Tempus Ren to be her focus since the planet was a nexus between multiple planes of existence giving it a unique brilliance.

Gods, Godheads and Powers

Beyond the Guardian Goddess, the almighty Creator God and Destructor God still hold absolute authority over the universe but are known to slumber. The Creator God created the deities known as Morncowl and Evecrest to reign over the natural sentient races of the world. Authoritative figures from other planes, known as Godheads, use their positions of power to spread the influence of their home plane. A macabre Unspeakable God waits, bound in the plane of woe, seeking to unleash his vile power into the realms.

Here be Lords of the Realm

Seeking balance the Guardian Goddess brought formidable archetypes into Tempus Ren. These immortal realm lords, called Keeper of the Realm, wandered the world influencing its early evolution. These First Keepers of the Realm were kin of the Guardian Goddess; powerful, wise and elite. Later a selection of Second Keepers were brought in who were Heroes of Old from another Realm beyond the Great Band of Stars. Today few of these Keepers remain, but those that do have established themselves in positions of leaderships throughout Tempus Ren.

Unique Major Races

A fey race known as the Ancients was brought into Tempus Ren from the Feyholm plane as ambassadors of nature. They worked with the First Keepers to help the world transform its vibrate ecology. Many new major races evolved throughout the realm. The most expansive of Tempus Ren’s races are the Elohhan followed by the native outsiders: Ancients, Quicklings and Eldritch. However the human like Terrans, clever Ulves and sturdy Formerians all have healthy populations.

Immense History

Tempus ren is a young world with an immense amount of history effecting it’s growth. Constant threats from the Unspeakable God and his agents along with imperial warfare and intrigue played crucial parts in the realm’s timeline. This history allows for a unique understanding of world events and more opportunity for role playing.

Iconic Heroes

Heroes have established themselves as legendary figures in the realm. These figures who fighting for their allegance are known throughout the lands for the mythic deeds they have accomplished. Many lead a notable society that help them further their goals. Other work alone under shadow of darkness. The Iconic Heroes of Tempus Ren are pivotal pieces of the world’s social ecology.


Tempus Ren is a game set in a thriving world that is currently in a state of conflict known as the Contention Wars. This is high fantasy; we prefer the term “FantasyTech” which integrates magic and technology. We have taken inspiration from the Michael Moorcock’s Stormbringer, Spelljammer, Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’Narok and Norse Mythology.

We have put a high value on lore in the base campaign setting. An in-depth history sets the stage with immortal beings called Keepers of the Realm carving their place in the world. Humans, known as Terrans, are not the predominate race. Fantasy races such as the Elohhan, Eldritch, Ancients, Quicklings, Ulfs and others dominate the realm. Outsider planes including Goldholm, Fiendholm, Nullholm, Feyholm and Lockholm help make up the Tempus Ren Cosmology. An Unspeakable God is ever present in his goal to be freed from his bonds and spread his maddening influence. The horror of the macabre monsters is real in Tempus Ren, with fear options that are not so easily cured. Six mighty empires and a multitude of societies have established themselves as the major political players, each with their own agendas. A short story will be included in the book reflecting the rise of one the imperial leaders.

Tempus Ren is offering a new world, a setting based in conflict, players options to become part of the storyline, new races unique to the word, prestige classes, archetypes, fighting styles, magic items including technology items, airships, space travel, monsters, history, lore, notoriety traits and more all in a beautifully presented product.
The Setting

Tempus Ren is the name of the planet that was founded by race of immortal demigods known as the First Keepers. These First Keepers have impacted the evolution of the realm and play vital roles in the world. Gods, Godheads and Elemental Powers watch over the realm and via for influence. A diverse ecology with environmental dangers and rule-sets lay ready to be explored. The empires of Alexandria, Necro’Heavenly, Zenter, Valiant, Darkland and Tel’Merikad struggle with the Contention Wars. The societies of RokuSin, the Norbanders, Silvered Lion Society, Parliament of the Owls and more reach for their hold on the world.

Evolving World

We were tired of playing in stagnate worlds that did not seem to evolve, so we laid the foundation for Tempus Ren to be different. Players can certainly choose to play in their own sandbox as their story line effect ‘their’ version of the world. However we plan to make Tempus Ren dynamic… changing as time passes. Those players who subscribe to our newsletter, integrate future supplements or participate in the website will see the world evolve as history passes. Empires may invoke war, skirmishes spots on the map will appear or the world may have new mythic threats emerge. These changes will come with adventure hooks, modules with new potential for players to influence the world history.


The world combines fantasy and science by merging psionics, magic and technology. Arc pistols, energy shields, air ships, androids, space travel, etc interplay with the classical sword and sword features of the world. Think that technology would suppress the use of magic in the world? Not in Tempus Ren. Magic is the primary power and can accomplish all the same if not more then technology. With technology available but not on the same par as traditional magic it blends nicely into our FantasyTech ecology.

The Contention Wars & Loyalty Traits

Conflicts have spread all over the world. Allies and enemies have been made. Some empires seek only to defend themselves as others fight for domination. While the world is a functional campaign setting on its own we are putting the focus on the contention wars. Players may choose their allegiance and work towards furthering its war efforts. Notoriety and loyalty traits are available for those who zealously carry out the will of their chosen empire or society. Adventure hooks and module will include objectives such as securing a military point of interest, diplomacy, ensuring trade, usurping powers, removing threats such as war monsters and war airships, etc. Mass combat is inline with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign options, with added intuitive quick play mass combat options as well.

Loyalty traits are an additional trait (advantage) that character gain in relation to who they are fighting for. Imperial traits are available for each empire and society traits are available for each established society. Wanna make your own society? Sounds good, there is room for your own loyalty trait creations.

The Campaign Setting Book

The core book is focused on the realm around the empires. It will come with color art that we are really proud of and be available in PDF and hardback form. We are really excited to share this product.

Artwork and Writing

We are making it a priority to have professional art and design in this book. We have some great artists committed to help us with the campaign book. Alexandre Chaudret an amazing France based digital artists is doing the majority of the artwork. Adam Soroczynski, an up and coming Poland based digital artists is working on some fantastic environmental art. Nakarin Sukontakorn a Thailand based artist is our material designer. And Christina Nordlander a wonderful UK based writer has been helping with the writing. We are happy to have such a great group of people aiding us with this project.

Round Up

We are really excited about this product and hope we can share it on a larger level with players. Sunbearer LLC is committed to the Tempus Ren world, wanting to see it grow into a full product line. There are over 30 pieces of art already created and the writing is about ½ done for the initial book. In about 3 weeks we will be going to kickstarter for additional funding to help make this book as great as we envision it. We will let you know when the kickstarter is live. Thank you for reading this, please help us share the news of Tempus Ren. Challis, Sunbearer LLC